“I have had the pleasure of working with Larry Favor Construction for the last three and half years in the course of planning and building my home on Seacliff Beach. During this period I have acquired only the highest regard for their work, style, ethics and friendship … (they) have done everything within reason to make this an enjoyable and satisfying experience.

Las Olas Beach Home: A Modern Masterpiece

I selected Larry after meeting with a number of very experienced contractors and conducting an exhaustive review process. My reason for this extensive review was to assure myself that the selected contractors would be able to successfully fulfill the specific needs of this project. Having worked with a number of contractors in the past, I have painfully learned that contractor’s with honesty and forthrightness are much more valuable than those with just price and promises. Larry impressed me then and has continued to maintain his integrity. Additionally, I felt that having so many subcontractor capabilities ‘in house’, would benefit to the overall quality of the project while at the same time minimizing the cost and schedule uncertainties. This has in fact, worked out better than I expected.

The ‘Las Olas’ project has been extremely challenging, requiring strong designs, innovative building skill and application of many new materials and processes… Larry has done an excellent job of putting their abilities and experience along with my ideas into a particularly aesthetic design which highlights the strength of the location, my lifestyle and the nature of the neighborhood. They have been particularly sensitive to budgetary and scheduling considerations that applied specifically to this house, some of which are very different from the norm.

As a final note, Larry has also added an invaluable element of political savvy in their highly professional manner of working directly with various difficult constituencies. These include the county planners, numerous engineering personnel consultants, homeowner’s association members, even me, all the while accounting for each group’s requirements and keeping intact the quality and integrity of the design.

I would highly recommend Larry and would gladly speak to anyone about my very positive experiences in working with them.”

–Garrett L. Passon, President/COO Network Telephone Services, Woodland Hills

The Denise Residence: A Dream Built True

“Well, you did it, 2 years of hard work, excitement, disappointment and just about every emotion a human could feel. Just look at this wonderful home. I can’t even begin to tell you how many people stop and tell us what a beautiful place we have. Everyday that I’m at the house, someone asks who designed and who built this beautiful ‘ship’.

I know we experienced a lot of ‘discussions’ during the course of construction, but now we know you were right to push some of the issues we faced. We truly appreciate all your patience, hard work and fine craftsmanship.

It has been a pleasure to work with all of you and hope that our friendship will continue forward. Many, many thanks again for a dream house.”

–Ben and Eleanor Denice, Aptos

Dedication and attention to detail

“At the successful completion of our Carmel Valley remodeling project, we want to express our appreciation to you for your dedication and attention to detail on our remodel. We especially appreciate the quality of work. We, surprisingly, ran into only a few hiccups which were quickly handled thanks to your hands-on involvement.

Last, but not not least, we pretty much stayed with the original budget, a rare occurrence in this day and age! Again, many thanks to you and your staff for a job well done.”

–Harry and Jean Garschagen, Carmel

Room with a View, Santa Cruz

“Larry Favor comes with our highest recommendation as our contractor. He was the general contractor for our house which was completed last year to our complete satisfaction. The house was built with quality workmanship, in a timely fashion and within the original budget.

In choosing a contractor, we were looking for someone who is honest, straight-forward and willing to resolve the issues as they arise. Larry is flexible and possesses the skills and ability to complete a complicated building plan with the minimum of problems.”

–Robert and Terri Carroll, Santa Cruz

And the finished job is beautiful.

“We thank you for all your help in getting this project done. Twenty years ago, when you built most of this house we were pleased, and it was a new pleasure to have you follow through on this task. We chose right both times.

We are particularly impressed with the people working for you. Each of them did his utmost to be careful on the job, and to be sure we were satisfied.

And the finished job is beautiful. Thanks again.”

–David Rigler, Santa Cruz

Larry Favor Construction, Santa Cruz

“Thanks, Larry! The building and office for our Santa Cruz location was well received by all!”

–Ron Sessions, Managing Architect, WR&D,Santa Cruz

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